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Posted by Daniel
April 11, 2019
Extremely grateful I found Mary Beth and her legal team!!!
Regarding, divorce from a 7 year marriage with no kids, no property, few assets and a contested alimony issue.
I Hired Mary Beth to finish out my divorce from which I had issues with my previous lawyer. She took over and negotiate a settlement that didn’t involve me paying years of alimony and also avoided a trial!! The law firm of Mary Beth Ayvazian, Ayvazian law was professional, thorough and always prepared! Every discussion and meeting conducted had a purpose, outside the box creative ideas to settle this case were always considered. I believe my case which took over a year could have been done much faster with a positive fair results if I had first contracted with Ayvazian law. She knows everyone and her way around the court house. This was my second divorce and I highly recommend her and her team.

Posted by Timothy M.
July 31, 2018
Grateful Dad
Attorney Ayvazian was able to stop the continuation of unjust support by deposing the defendant and avoiding trial. Her suggestion saved time and money. I can not say enough about the attentiveness and proffesionalism of her and her staff. I highly recommend her to anyone who loves and wants to be there for their adult children, yet feels frustratated or taken advantage of by a former spouse.

Posted by anonymous
May 9, 2017
Dedicated and Focused on Protecting Your Interests
Mary Beth has a lot of experience in divorce and separation law, and she uses it to great advantage. Throughout the process, Mary Beth was able to explain and predict what would happen next, and at every step, she provided specific, practical advice for how to protect yourself. She truly cares about her clients.

Posted by Carla
December 22, 2016
Only laywer who helped me with exactly what I needed!
After looking high and low for someone to accomodate my needs, I found Mary Beth. She made the divorce process as easy as it could be, and always kept my best interest in mind. She was always available and quick to answer any questions I had during what was a difficult time when quick answers were highly valued.

Posted by Tom
September 9, 2016
Responsive and Thoughtful Attorney
I had a very difficult experience with my first divorce attorney. I wish I had chosen Attorney Ayvazian from the beginning. She stepped into to conclude the divorce and gracefully rescued a very complicated situation. She was also very supportive throughout the process, and was very accessible, promptly returning phone calls and responding by email to urgent matters I recommend her highly.

Posted by anonymous
March 3, 2016
wonderful lawyer
We went through an adoption case with her and it wasnt supposed to be an easy proccess but she helped us every step of the way. Highly recomend.

Posted by Jerry
October 8, 2015
Ayvazian Law
Going through my divorce was one of the most unpleasant, stressful situations I had ever encountered. I am not sure I would have survived the experience had it not been for Mary Beth Ayvazian. Her calm demeanor and composed professionalism was an inspiration. She showed a keen insight combined with intelligence and her guidance and advice proved correct. Thanks to her efforts I was able to negotiate a successful divorce with very little unnecessary stress and upheaval

Posted by L. James
October 7, 2015
Ma Ayvazian
Mary Beth Ayvazian has been my attorney for several years. Her knowledge of the law and assistance has proved valuable and insightful on many occasions. I plan to continue using her services and recommend has as a highly professional, competent attorney.

Posted by John
October 7, 2015
Best in Massachusetts
Talk about great experience. When I was kicked out of my house my an angry wife, I had to hustle to find a good divorce attorney on a moment’s notice. I turned to Avvo for help and immediately came across Mary Beth Ayvazian’s name. I read through her reviews and liked what I saw, but after my first phone call with Mary Beth’s office I had a good feeling that I found the right attorney. I met with Mary Beth on several occasions and I was impressed after each time we spoke. I liked the way she spoke with me, calm but definitely in control. She spoke with experience, but she also gave me a strong impression that she was here to help through this difficult time in my life. I also got the impression that it was not her intention to price gouge me. To make a long story short, Mary Beth helped me work out my situation in a very professional manner, and I felt that she was by my side fighting for me the entire time. I know that sometimes attorneys can make small problems into huge issues, but Mary Beth worked out all of the issues in my case in a quick and easy manner. Mary Beth also has other attorneys in her office, and I noticed that at times she was able to bounce certain ideas off of her colleagues when needed. I was very impressed and I felt I received comprehensive and thorough consulting. When I received my final bill, I was further impressed that I was charged fairly for the work that was done. Experience with attorneys in the past has taught me to keep careful tabs on billing, but with Mary Beth’s office I was completely comfortable through the entire process. I hope no one has to endure the kind of hardships that the process of divorce places on individuals, but if you have Mary Beth Ayvazian on your side the entire process will be much more palatable. I would recommend Mary Beth to anyone needing legal guidance.

Posted by Michelle
April 30, 2015
The best way to describe attorney Ayvazian, is courteous and professional. I had the privilege to work with her on a divorce matter. Very effective attorney, who cares great deal about her clients.

Posted by Damiel
March 31, 2015
Goes above and beyond!
Mary Beth did more research and preparation than I could have asked for! She told me her whole strategy and I felt like she was very invested in me. I could not have asked for a better lawyer!

Posted by Deborah
March 31, 2015
100% Plus
Mary Beth Ayvazian went the whole mile and more for my son, who was contesting a speeding ticket. She made him feel comfortable and secure in what was, for him, a very stressful situation. Mary Beth Ayvazian met us at the courthouse and talked us through all the procedures, letting us know what was happening and why at every moment. She had researched this area of the law, and she got my sons the extensions he needed – extensions which may have ultimately led to the case being dismissed, because the officer never showed up! But I think that the judge also took one look at the lawyer and realized that he just needed to let it go. Mary Beth Ayvazian is a FORCE. Definitely someone to have on YOUR side.

Posted by Jules
March 30, 2015
Simply the best!
I can’t say enough about Attorney Ayvazian. She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the law and helping her clients. From the court room to settling cases she is experienced and effective. She is tireless and dedicated and is determined to settle difficult matters with minimal impact to her clients. She is by your side every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone I know!

Posted by Denise
March 25, 2015
I appreciate everything she’s done for me!
I am so glad I found Mary Beth. I lost my puppy back in Jan, she worked diligently to get him back for me and always remained professional! I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate her so much! And I highly recommend her!

Posted by Vicki
March 24, 2015
Mary Beth on your side
Mary Beth Ayvazian is the most attentive, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, patient and passionate lawyers I have ever encountered. No matter what the problem, she offers sound advice and gives me the appropriate choices and paths to take. She is always there to discuss the legal options open to me and whether or not they are worth pursuing. When you need someone on your side Marybeth is your only choice.

Posted by Donna
March 23, 2015
Conscientious Attorney
Ms. Ayvazian is bright conscientious attorney who is serious about helping you solve your problem. She is quick to understand the issues involved and the legalities of the situation.

Posted by Jagger
March 21, 2015
A fierce advocate
Attorney Ayvazian worked with me on a business litigation matter. Her attention to detail and her passion for justice are what make her stand out from the rest. I highly recommend her for any matter large or small.

Posted by Donna
March 19, 2015
Review of Attorney Ayvazian
Attorney Ayvazian is a nice, respectful attorney. She is competent and was able to help negotiate an agreement that was fair and in my best interest

Posted by Rose
March 7, 2015
Excellence on every level
I have worked with Mary Beth on the Planning Board in Temple, and on other projects, which has given me first-hand insight to her working methods. She is not just brilliant and devoted to the task at hand, but she is broad-minded and very pleasant to work with. She has a gift for searching for solutions outside the box.

Mary Beth is an extraordinary and empathetic listener. She sees issues from many angles, and strips away any adversarial garbage so that resolutions can be discovered and implemented with expediency.

I have no doubt she would be an excellent and very effective lawyer. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Posted by Allison
March 7, 2015
Excellent representation
Atty Ayvazian skillfully handled my case and consistenly gave me excellent advice. She was available for questions (big and small) and always responded in a timely manner. She is tough and caring at the same time, and very knowledgable with regard to divorce law. I was able to feel confident during this difficult time and am pleased with the end the result.

Posted by Bev
March 5, 2015
Responsive and caring lawyer
Mary Beth helped me with a very contentious divorce by offering tough, but helpful advice regarding complex property division and a spouse who was very difficult. I would highly recommend her if you are facing similar conditions.