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Most people hope that once a divorce is finalized, the troubles they had in their relationship come to an end. However, changing circumstances might mean that child support or custody issues must be revisited, or in some cases, that a complaint for contempt should be filed to enforce an existing order. Ayvazian Law is here to help you resolve your post-trial issues.

No matter how your situation has changed, Ayvazian Law can effectively create a strategy for your case. We are the firm with experience helping individuals navigate divorce, custody issues, modifications, contempt, and more. Trust in our experience—reach out to our Worcester modification lawyer today.

Reasons for Modifications of Support & Custody

The court only grants modifications when one party demonstrates that it is necessary to do so. This typically involves some change in the life circumstances of one spouse, or possibly a child. However, it does take careful documentation and presentation of arguments to effectively argue for a modification.

The following are some common reasons individuals request modifications to a divorce settlement:

  • One party has a major increase or decrease in income
  • Either spouse remarries
  • A medical emergency occurs, affecting financial need
  • Some other event increases or decreases one party’s financial need
  • One parent moves into or out of the state, requiring “domestication” of an order

Our attorney can help you collect and present evidence in favor of your modification to the court. Additionally, we can effectively litigate for your best interests and ensure your position is properly represented to obtain a positive outcome.

Contempt in Family Law Cases

Contempt is a civil action used to attempt to force compliance when an individual has not followed a court ruling. One party may make a complaint of contempt if the other party fails to pay child support, for example. But if one person has found they are unable to make payments, they may request a modification in order to avoid contempt.

Call a Worcester Contempt Attorney

At Ayvazian Law, we have the legal experience to help both those seeking to make a complaint of contempt and those who wish to request a modification to a support or custody order. We know situations change, and we can use our knowledge and skills—including forensic accounting services—to create a strong argument for your side.

Trust us to help with your modification or complaint request. Call (508) 315-6244 or complete our online contact form for your consultation.

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