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Adoption is a beautiful testament to the love a parent can have for his or her children, regardless of whether the parent and child are biologically related. Unfortunately, the process can be incredibly complicated, both for aspiring parents who wish to adopt and for those who wish to give their children up for adoption. Whether you wish to adopt a relative, stepchild, or a foster child, you can benefit from meeting with Mary Beth Ayvazian, an empathetic family attorney with a detailed understanding of the adoption process. Mary Beth is passionate about adoption and eager to lend a helping hand.


Marriage is more than a spiritual union in the eyes of the law; it is a partnership that requires sacrifices and compromises. The courts understand that contributions to a household do not just come in the form of the income each partner brings in. Alimony is the court's way of taking the contributions of each partner into account, in whatever form those contributions came, and giving them financial value to ensure there is equitability in the division of assets.

Child Custody and Child Support

For many people, nothing proves more difficult during the breaking up of a relationship than determining how to best handle child custody and support. Decisions made during the process of coming to an agreement can affect your children for the remainder of their youths, and well into their futures. Mary Beth Ayvazian understands that determining child custody, and coming to an agreement on child support, is about far more than winning in the courtroom. It is about your child's health, happiness, and wellbeing.


Divorce is never easy, but if you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways, you need a fierce advocate to represent your best interests. Mary Beth will help you navigate the rough legal waters to a manageable course through compassionate yet aggressive representation.


When you and your ex decided to part ways, your alimony and child support agreements were likely determined based on what seemed to be a stable income. Circumstances change, however, and now, your once manageable support payments make it nearly impossible for you to cover your other expenses. In the midst of financial difficulty, you may be able to achieve a support modification, but it won't be easy. It's in your best interest to work with Mary Beth Ayvazian, who can help you achieve a fair modification and get back on your feet.

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