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How Alimony Decisions Are Made by the Court in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the court considers what the income and assets of the spouses will be after the divorce. They will also consider what contributions each spouse made during the marriage.

The following are some questions the court commonly addresses:

  • Did one spouse keep the home, contributing to the marriage but not building a career, while the other worked?
  • Did one spouse primarily pay for the other’s education or training, which increased his or her income potential?
  • Is one spouse ill, disabled, or otherwise unable to work to support him or herself?
  • Will the divorce significantly decrease one spouse’s standard of living?

These questions can impact the type of alimony—whether it’s paid temporarily or long-term, reimburses one spouse for contributions, or provides for education or job training—and the length of time alimony must be paid. Other factors that will affect the decision include the length of the marriage and the ages of each spouse.

Alimony decisions are made during the divorce proceedings; however, a spouse can file a complaint for alimony if no alimony was awarded during the original court ruling. The spouse paying alimony can also file a complaint for modification if they’d like to reduce the amount or duration of payments.

The Role of Forensic Accounting

In addition to Mary Beth, our highly experienced Worcester alimony attorney, Ayvazian Law employs a forensic accountant whose skills can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Forensic accountants are trained to address difficult financial puzzles. They can thoroughly investigate a couple’s finances, finding hidden sources of income and accurately determining the contributions of each spouse. This is especially helpful for high income couples or couples with a variety of revenue streams. The more information we have, the more evidence we can present, and the more likely our arguments will impact the court’s decision.

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Financial considerations are one of the most stressful parts of a divorce. It’s not just a matter of who gets what; an alimony ruling can mean one spouse must support the other financially for years to come. At Ayvazian Law, we help both those who are seeking to receive alimony and those attempting to reduce alimony payments. We fight for what’s fair for our clients, and we have the legal skill necessary to successfully argue for change orders and handle other financial aspects of divorce.

We are confident that we can impact the finances of your divorce in your favor. Whether you need and deserve support from your former spouse, or you’re hoping to separate your finances for good, we can gather evidence and argue persuasively in divorce court. You’ll feel cared for and supported when you choose us to represent you; our goal is to think clearly for you and help you take the right steps for a hopeful future. Reach out today to learn more!

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