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At Ayvazian Law, we take allegations of abuse very seriously. We help victims implement legal measures to keep their abuser from contacting, stalking, or exercising any violent action against them. Our attorney understands the emotional toll situations like this can have on an individual and their family and will aggressively protect their rights and best interest in and out of the courtroom.

Most often, the first step to combat this abuse is to obtain a domestic violence restraining order. These orders prohibit the abuser from contacting the victim and create legal consequences if the order is not followed.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in Massachusetts

A domestic violence restraining order is put in place in response to an action of domestic violence. In Massachusetts, this is any form of physical violence perpetrated by a family member or intimate partner. The violent act may involve punching, kicking, throwing items at the victim, threatening further violence, or forcing sexual contact. One question that comes up is whether or victims can get a restraining order for emotional abuse. While verbal and/or emotional abuse frequently go along with physical abuse, these alone do not warrant a domestic violence restraining order.

An order can be obtained at any family, probate, district, or superior court. If it is after court hours, a victim can request an emergency order through a local police department.

Domestic violence restraining orders offer several forms of protection, which include:

  • Prohibition of further violence against the victim
  • Prohibition of contact with the victim
  • Requiring an abuser to leave a house or apartment shared with the victim
  • Requiring an abuser to surrender firearms or other weapons
  • Awarding temporary custody of children to the victim
  • Creating legal consequences for continuing contact or abuse

Due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause in the Constitution, restraining orders given in Massachusetts are recognized in other states. Massachusetts will also recognize other states’ restraining orders, even if they are called a protective order, injunction, or some other name.

The hearing process for a Temporary Restraining Order (TPO) is conducted ex parte which means the hearing will occur with our without the alleged aggressor present. The petitioner presents an affidavit outlining the alleged incidents of abuse and the court will usually grant this order until a hearing for a permanent restraining order takes place. During this hearing, the alleged aggressor must be present to litigate their defense against these allegations.

Consequences of a Restraining Order

The consequences of a restraining order against you can have long-lasting effects on your life. Not only could it jeopardize your career, but it may also affect an existing or future child custody arrangement. For these reasons and more, it's a good idea to seek counsel from an attorney who can provide you with strong legal advocacy and defense.

How We Can Help

Our Worcester domestic violence/restraining order attorney can help you take clear, concrete steps to stay safe in the face of domestic violence. Ayvazian Law can handle the legal aspects while you concentrate on recovering.

We can help victims with domestic violence restraining orders in a few ways:

  • Establish a protective order
  • Analyze protections and request revisions if necessary
  • Prompt court to carry out appropriate penalties if the order is not followed

Our attorneys offer defense for parties accused of domestic violence as well. We will ensure your rights and best interests are thoroughly represented before and during your hearing.

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