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When it comes down to getting it done, Mary Beth Ayvazian of Ayvazian Law, P.L.L.C. is the family law attorney you need to call. Whether you are ready to file for divorce or you have been served with divorce proceedings, Mary Beth will compassionately help you with divorce, child support and custody issues, alimony issues, adoptions and modifications of marital settlement agreements or final judgments.


Getting divorced for most people is a significant lifestyle change, particularly for those who have been married for more than a few years. It can also take an emotional toll, even for couples who agree that they should be divorced. Mary Beth not only listens to what you expect as an outcome of the divorce, but she ensures that the divorce is fair and reasonable.

Along with divorce comes many other decisions, such as who keeps the house or apartment, how you will split the time sharing with the children, how you will divide your assets and liabilities, and whether one spouse should pay alimony and if so, how much alimony.

Child Support and Child Custody

Child support and custody work hand in hand. Support is based on the percentage of time the children spend with each parent and on the parents’ incomes. Custody schedules could be worked out based on your work schedules instead of the typical weekend visitation for one parent. Regardless of your decisions, the court will only allow it if it is in the best interests of the children.


Spousal support is also based on the parties’ incomes including the ability of the spouse who is paying and the need of the spouse that is getting the alimony. Other factors also go into deciding the amount of alimony such as the health of each spouse and the ability to earn more income.


In some cases, something happens after the divorce is final, and the final judgment needs to be modified as to financial issues and child support and custody issues. Mary Beth also handles modifications to settlement agreements and final judgments, whether it’s something you agree on or it’s something that needs court intervention.

Contact Mary Beth for a consult if you are considering adopting a child, filing for divorce, have been served with divorce papers, or if you need to modify your finalized divorce.

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