Child Custody and Child Support

For many people, nothing proves more difficult during the breaking up of a relationship than determining how to best handle child custody and support. Decisions made during the process of coming to an agreement can affect your children for the remainder of their youth, and well into their futures. Mary Beth Ayvazian understands that determining child custody, and coming to an agreement on child support, is about far more than winning in the courtroom. It is about your child’s health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Child Custody and Child Support

When it comes to custody of children, the Massachusetts courts will be guided by the best interests of the children involved. This means that custody decisions are based only on the needs of the children and neither parent begins with any greater right to custody than the other no matter your gender. The court will make determinations as to legal and primary physical custody. Legal custody refers to a parent’s authority to participate in major decisions regarding a child’s education, health care, and emotional, moral or religious development. Legal custody does not necessitate that the child live primarily with you. Physical custody refers to the time that a child is residing with or is under the care and supervision of a parent. Joint physical custody does not necessarily require an equal division of parenting time between parents, so any parenting schedule that works for your family could be considered appropriate and be approved by the judge. Let Mary Beth guide you through this process for you and more importantly, for your children’s well-being.

Massachusetts Child Custody and Child Support Attorney

When you face decisions regarding the custody and support of your children, you need an attorney with experience in family law who has worked on cases involving children. Mary will put her experience in family law to work on your behalf, so you can come to the best possible child custody and child support arrangement with your partner to ensure your children will be well cared for physically, mentally, and financially.

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